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Two-seater light weight aircraft (LSA) with Pilot and Pilotless

UAV has been developed for military use from World War I to perform 3D (Dirty, Dull, Dangerous) missions because of the advantage that no people are required to board. In recent years, demand for various industries such as agriculture and construction, such as spraying of pesticides, has increased, and private demand has increased sharply as utility for public purposes such as search, reconnaissance, and surveillance has expanded. In this study, we aim to develop a lightweight aircraft with two or more seats capable of telecommunication operation over a distance of 500 km and a flight time of 14 hours.

Project Field

- Aerospace Component Technology Development Project

Project Title

- Developed practical use of two-seater lightweight aircraft (LSA) with pilot and pilotless

Supporting Organization

- Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Host content

- Nexcoms

Participating content

- G-philos - Korea Institute of Science and Technology - Korea Gas Safety Corporation

Project Period

- 2017.12 ∼ 2020.11 (39 Months)


- Total 6.0 billion

Research content

- two-seater lightweight aircraft(LSA) with pilot and pilotless
- Over 500km communication operation with satellite data link operation
- Over 14 hours of operation by changing engine and increasing fuel quantity
- Verification of mission potential and reliability by flight test over 100 hours