OPV (Optionally piloted vehicle)

OPV is suitable to perform the 3D(Dull, Dirty, Dangerous) mission. And the need is expanded rapidly because it is more efficient than manned aircraft according to the mission. If UAV is developed by modifying the manned aircraft, then it can be supplied as low cost and proofed proper performance because the development cost is saved and mass production. And more efficiency because it can be operated as manned aircraft as need.


- Korea Aerospace Research Institute, UCON systems

Project Period

- 2016 ∼ in process


- Worldwide sole distributor of Flight Design GmbH (German)
- Cheaper but high performance UAV
- MTOW : 600kg
- Payload : 140kg
- Max. cruise speed : 222KPH
- Endurance : 20 hrs
- Wing Span : 8.6m
- Takeoff Rolling Distance : 250m

- Sources : Korea Aerospace Research Institute -