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Drone using Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Most drones use electric motor propulsion and use lithium ion batteries as a power source. When the battery is used as a power source, it is easy to use but its weight is large compared to energy, so there are many restrictions on the flight time of the drone. Therefore, this study aims to increase the flying time and loading weight by replacing the battery with a fuel cell with high energy density.

Project Field

- Energy Technology Development Project

Project Title

- Development of 9kW ultra light PEMFC multi-copter system

Supporting Organization

- Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Host Organization

- Nexcoms

Participating content

- G-philos - Korea Institute of Science and Technology - Korea Gas Safety Corporation

Project Period

- 2017.12 ∼ 2020.11 (36 Months)


- Total 4.1 billion

Research content

- Development of hydrogen fuel cell drone capable of payload 20kg, 1 hour flight
- Development of high performance hydrogen fuel cell drone capable of flying
- Developed 9kW ultra-light active PEMFC
- Development and certification of 350 bar ultra light Tank filling Hydrogen & Oxygen
- Development of monitoring & ground control system for safe operation of fuel cell drone
- Verification of performance by using hydrogen fuel cell drone flight test
- Consumer environment test of hydrogen fuel cell