COMPANYPatents and Certifications
NO Title Registration No
1 A reinforcing beam for a concrete construction 10-0478113
2 Cassette support bar for loading lcd board 20-0413349
3 Membrane housing and its manufacturing method endurable for high pressure using the fiber mixed composition 10-0614913
4 Reinforcement beam for construct building of insert parts formed 10-0614916
5 Support bar making mold be inside installation the wedge mold 10-0730775
6 Liquid crystal display substrate transfer for robot arm 10-0746135
7 Reinforcing supporting frame for slot type anchorage and method for manufacturing the reinforcing supporting frame and using reinforcing method for concrete structure the reinforcing supporting frame 10-0759020
8 Crossbar and its manufacturing method of cassette for loading and moving of the liquid crystal display pannel 10-0823351
9 Jig plate for liquid crystal display equipment installation 10-0866605
10 Composite reinforcement system with constantly self-locking joint for seismic improvement of columns 10-1072234
11 Seismic reinforcement device, structure and method of existing column 10-1157462
12 Magnet assembly and method of manufacturing the same, and linear motor using the same 10-1638570
13 Research institute in the company 20032142
14 ISO 9001:2008 GK-0540-QC
15 Certificate of Defense Venture Company Daejeon-0080