R&DCompleted Projects

Development of the emergency recovery earthquake-free reinforcement technology

Through this project, the research to enhance the major frame structure safety from recent natural disasters and calamity is being conducted. The main purpose is to develop the enhancement of the major structure safety and the emergency recovery technology to countermeasure the earthquake and it’s damage. From this project, the efficient repair of the damaged major structure, reinforcement method will be proposed and the new emergency recovery technology will be developed for the purpose of reducing personal casualties in buildings which should be considered as the most important thing when a disaster is occurred.

Project Name

- Promotion project of the infrastructure and transport technology research

R&D Name

- Development of the earthquake-free reinforce technology for the emergency recovery to urban low and middle major buildings (School, Hospital, and so on)

Support Agency


Major Research Company

- Gyeongsang National Uni,


- NEXCOMS Co., Ltd

Project Period

- 2011.09 ∼ 2014.09 (3 years)


- 1.35 Billion Won

Research Items

- Optimal reinforcement material selection and development of the reinforcement method for the RC column
- Performance evaluation of the GFRP column reinforcement part which has the fastening tool
- Development and performance evaluation of the internal force resistant panel