BusinessDisplay (LCD/OLED)

CFRP Bars for the Cassette

The cassette is used in loading, storage, moving of the glass panel in the LCD panel manufacturing process and composed with support bar, cross bar, roller shaft, robot hand and so on.
The use of composite material is expanded because the structural performance and weight ratio of the robot and cassette becomes important.

CFRP Supoort Bar

- Internal spaced and multiple cell structure by the hot press process
- Under-cut shape on the base surface is possible by the precision mold
- Minimize the machining area and glazed surface treatment
- Satisfaction of customer’s need by the optimal structural design with analysis

CFRP Cross Bar

- Application of hot press molding with the precision mold
- Hybrid sandwich structure (Carbon+Glass)
- Glazed surface treatment on all part faces by the wrapping process
- More than 3,000EA parts in a day with the multiple step mold

Vibration Damping Technology

- As the cantilever bar for Support Bar of cassette, robot hand, etc. has a very poor vibration damping property,
   it takes long time to stop after vibration occurs
- With our newly developed vibration damping technology, the vibration downtime on the cantilever bar can be
   reduced by 80% to 90%.