R&DCompleted Projects

Evaluation Tool Development for the Earthquake-Free

The concerning of the earthquake-free system is increased by the frequent occurrence of massive earthquake. The R&D of the evaluation technologies of the structural performance and application method is still underdeveloped although the domestic design paradigm transits to the performance based design from the code type one. This project goal is to take the basic earthquake-free design and the reinforced structure design by developing the quantitative performance evaluation tool for the original structure and the earthquake-free reinforced one.

Project Name

- Construction Technology Innovation Project

R&D Name

- Development for the structural nonlinear earthquake-free performance evaluation tool by considering the interaction between the structure and the ground.

Support Agency


Major Research Company

- DASAN Consultant


- Gyeongsang National Uni,
- NEXCOMS Co., Ltd

Project Period

- 2010.06 ∼ 2013.06 (3 years)


- 360 Million Won

R&D items

- Nonlinear Ground Model Development
- Time Domain Infinite Element Development
- Structural Nonlinear Model Development
- Integration of the ground-structure evaluation model